PowerReview is an engagement-led service that enables an organisation to directly benefit from the expertise and experience of Sundown in the setup, configuration and management of their Microsoft Tenant and the associated applications and services.

PowerReview will thoroughly investigate the configuration, components, and structure of your tenant to ensure all aspects are implemented and configured correctly. It’ll provide remediation recommendations where necessary from an optimisation and a security perspective.

With each tenant being different in construct and scale and each organisation being unique in its demands, there can be no one-size-fits-all approach. It requires us to be data-led, client informed and flexible in our approach.

PowerReview will provide a solid foundation for the cloud platform’s ongoing usage and evolution, including hybrid models where on-premise environments will continue to operate alongside cloud environments.

It provides our clients with a level of documented assurance on the health and status of their tenant and their overall technology landscape.

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