PowerCleanse® addresses the issue which the majority of private or public sector organisations have with large structured and unstructured file shares

It helps organisations address the issue of data management, and utilisation made challenging through complex and sprawling files structures. It also addresses critical regulation and governance issues, including GDPR, FOIR, and Right To Be Forgotten.

Your data is unique to your organisation and needs to be treated as such.

PowerCleanse® is engagement led – not just a tool, but a 360-degree engagement utilising real-world experience:

  • Scalable and configurable to fit your estate, budget and time
  • Utilises your file plans or our suggested file plans
  • Reports on the data you currently have
  • Allows intelligent deionising and rules estimation
  • Moves, classifies, and sorts

PowerCleanse® works by applying your logic to your data. It will utilise your or our suggested file plans to report and classify your data.

It can also be implemented in a phased approach or a complete Azure migration – the choice is yours!

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