01 Overview

Each year delayed transfer of care costs the NHS an estimated £820 million. It’s caused by the delay in obtaining a home care package or securing a nursing home place.

We developed a simple but highly effective solution to track bed occupancy rates in real-time, from any device to aid this process.

02 How it Works

A CCG will need to register for the service and provide the details of the care homes under their jurisdiction. Each home’s records and logins are then created and distributed by the CCG. This process is supported by clear usage instructions and training videos delivered via the Bed State Tracker portal.

The onboarding of new CCGs and their care homes are typically completed within 24 hours of signup. Authorised uses can then view the current bed occupancy via a secure portal in real-time.

03 Benefits

This proven solution is fast, secure, and highly cost-effective. Bed State Tracker is a fully responsive system that can be used from any device.

It accelerates and optimises decision-making in providing care by providing critical capacity information to the people who need it.

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