SES Cloud Secure

How Secure is the Cloud and your data there within..??

We have proven this can be achieved through the integration of our patented credential-less encryption technology - SES Cloud Secure.

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  • When IT Admins have "God" like rights to the whole system - overall security of content has always been an open question despite authorisation and authentication capabilities
  • This is further compounded by the likes of Blockchain - allowing digital documents have physical value (Crypto's), along with contextual (Share holder report etc.)

Companies can reduce their risk vector somewhat with the introduction of audit controls, security vetting and third-party assurances - but even these can be circumvented unless kept up to date regularly – which costs significant time and money, and they still offer no guarantee.

It is for this reason why many organisations look to outsource this activity to a Cloud Provider...

But is that really the silver bullet..??

No it isn't... Because when all said and done, you will have to "Trust" your cloud provider (and ALL of its employees) to be doing the right things when no one is looking...

It is this instinct and threat vector that plays heavily on the security conscious.

What if this wasn't the case..??

The Answer – SES Cloud Secure

We can guarantee only people you designate can access and view the content, regardless of where it is hosted.

  • The data is encrypted INSIDE the public cloud
  • No one, not even those ‘god-like admins' with full access can read it
  • Any hacker or breach of credentials is totally irrelevant, as your public cloud content is locked down to your specific devices

This is the set of problems the Sundown Encryption Service Cloud Secure solves with our patented XOR Encryption Algorithm - SES Cloud Secure - Securing the Public Cloud